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We are seeking a motivated IT Support Engineer to join our team and provide exceptional customer service and technical support to our clients. The ideal candidate is a self-starter with extensive technical knowledge and a genuine passion for technology. In this role, you will play a key part in resolving technical issues, collaborating with team members, and ensuring the smooth operation of our systems and services. Your responsibilities will include learning and understanding the company’s mission, core values, client base, business model, and service portfolio within the first 30 days. You will also have the opportunity to meet with each team member to understand their roles, operational practices, and identify opportunities for collaboration and support. Familiarizing yourself with the company’s systems, including ticketing and workflow management, documentation, antivirus and backup utilities, and communication tools like MS Teams and Outlook, will be essential.

As an IT Support Engineer, you will provide IT support to clients from day one, under supervision, ensuring prompt resolution of technical issues and maintaining high levels of client satisfaction. Building strong relationships with both team members and clients will be crucial, requiring outstanding communication and problem-solving skills. You will have the opportunity to take initiative in driving projects forward, contributing to the collective goal of delivering exceptional service to our clients. Additionally, you will be expected to develop and implement streamlined approaches to improve efficiency and effectiveness in your role and related functions. Continuous enhancement of your technical knowledge and staying up-to-date with industry trends and advancements will be strongly encouraged. This will allow you to provide the best possible support and contribute to the ongoing success of our team and organization.


  • The ideal candidate should have a minimum of 2 years of experience in providing support within the field of Information Technology. This experience will ensure a strong foundation in troubleshooting and resolving technical issues.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft 365 / Office 365 is necessary for this role. The candidate should have a comprehensive understanding of the suite’s applications and be able to effectively utilize them to support end-users.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Windows Server, Active Directory, and file & print services is essential. The candidate should have hands-on experience in managing and maintaining these systems to ensure smooth operations.
  • The candidate should possess a versatile mindset and be able to adapt to changing circumstances while finding creative solutions to complex problems. Their ability to think innovatively and remain open-minded will contribute to their success in this role.
  • The ideal candidate should be highly self-motivated and proactive, taking the initiative to drive projects and lead initiatives independently. They should thrive in a fast-paced environment and be able to meet deadlines while maintaining a high level of productivity.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills are crucial for this role. The candidate should be able to present ideas, provide advice, collaborate with colleagues, and effectively communicate with business owners and leaders to address their IT needs and requirements
  • Preferred: Experience with Microsoft Azure Active Directory & Intune, familiarity with VMware/Hyper-V virtualization technologies, general networking knowledge, knowledge of firewalls (SonicWALL/Sophos).


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