Matching Coordinator

Job Description

The Matching Coordinator is responsible for facilitating the Client-VA interview process via Zoom, ensuring adherence to established protocols. They coordinate with the client to schedule interviews, including new, canceled, or rescheduled ones. Follow-up communication is conducted with the client to reach decisions, and if the client requests additional candidate interviews or no suitable candidates pass the interview, the Coordinator escalates the matter to the Head of Matching. They also provide assistance to clients by answering any questions related to the interview process and communicate the interview schedule to the VAs.

Furthermore, the Matching Coordinator orients the VAs about the VA-Client interview process and informs them about their status, whether they have been declined or approved. Regular communication is maintained with the VAs to confirm their availability, preferences, and interests. In cases where there are changes in the VA requirements, the Coordinator coordinates with the Head of Matching. They also respond to inquiries from candidates regarding their matching status and handle any other needs that may arise during the interview process and perform additional administrative tasks related to the process.

Additionally, the Matching Coordinator ensures a smooth handover of approved VAs to the appropriate departments for onboarding. They work closely with the Onboarding Team to facilitate the VA’s transition into the company as an employee. The Coordinator shares the client profile with the VA Services Department to prepare the hybrid playbook. Other responsibilities include preparing client profiles, conducting internet research to gather necessary information, organizing and maintaining files and trackers for the matching process, and conducting interviews and applicant audits as required. They are also open to undertaking other administrative tasks as needed.


  • Possesses a bachelor’s degree in any four-year course, demonstrating a strong educational foundation.
  • Holds extensive experience in being a Talent Acquisition Specialist for a Virtual Assistant staffing agency.
  • Flexible and available to work a graveyard shift, ensuring coverage during critical business hours.
  • Exhibits exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal, enabling effective collaboration and interaction with clients, team members, and candidates.
  • Proficient in Google Suite applications, including Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and other relevant tools, facilitating efficient documentation and information sharing.
  • Embraces a positive mindset, always looking at the glass as half full rather than half empty, fostering resilience and optimism in the face of challenges.
  • Demonstrates a proactive and proactive approach to work, consistently going above and beyond expectations to deliver exceptional results.
  • Possesses excellent interpersonal skills, maintaining open, honest, and thoughtful communication to address and resolve issues effectively.
  • Attentive to details, ensuring accuracy and precision in all tasks, and following a process-driven approach to maintain consistency and efficiency.
  • Values clients and team members, displaying respect, empathy, and a collaborative attitude toward building strong relationships.
  • Embraces a continuous learning mindset, displaying enthusiasm and passion for acquiring new knowledge, and skills, and taking on new challenges.


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